Wolfang TJ Stud 

Trent & Jess Edwards
"Fleetwood" 860 Grantleigh Rd
Wowan. Qld 
Tel: 0448611712
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Wolfang TJ Droughtmasters stud was first established in 2009 as a sub stud of Wolfang Droughtmasters. 

Based at our family owned property "Abilene" near Clermont, we focus on matching our hand-picked female herd with bulls that consists of strong characteristics and genetics. This focus in turn helps us to achieve our aim of producing high quality stud & commercial bulls which are suited to all aspects of the beef industry. 

We are extremely proud to be involved with the Central Reds Droughtmaster Sale since its establishment and once again look forward to presenting our bulls this year.

Kenlogan Stud 

Andrew & Sonya Harvey 
Clermont. Qld.
Tel: 4983 5196, 0427 835 196
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Kenlogan Droughtmaster Stud, No: 715, is a Family owned and operated Cattle and Cropping Property situated in the Fertile Black Soil Country of the Mt.McLaren and Kilcummin District, North of Clermont, Central Queensland.

The stud principles are Andrew & Sonya Harvey who run a quality registered and commercial breeder herd.
Andrew and Sonya focus heavily on producing good, clean tidy quality bulls with temperaments that can’t be faulted, muscle, scale and walking ability. And with our breeders, temperament, udder development, bone structure, calving ease and femininity.

The stud also caters for the commercial cattle producer with bulls available out of the paddock.
Kenlogan bulls are also on display at the Aggrow Field Days in Emerald every year at the end of June.
The 3 major selling centres the Kenlogan bulls are sold through are:
DN National Droughtmaster Sale, September, Gracemere.
Highlands Droughtmaster Bull Sale, March, Clermont.
And now the Central Reds Droughtmaster Sale, September, Emerald.

Fertile - Versatile - Docile

Vale View Stud 

Dave, Colleen & Mac Smith 
"Dernancourt", Manumbar Qld 
Tel: 0438 788 110 
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Vale View Droughtmaster stud was established in 1990, based at Manumbar (near Goomeri). We run approx 200 registered females in a 'single sire' operation over 3 properties in the Manumbar area and South Kolan (near Gin Gin), these paddock comprise of native grasses, lantana and plenty of large hills to clinb within a ticky environment. 

Our motto is "OUR Consistency Is The Key To YOUR Success"; Our females are the foundation of our success, we have meticulously bred a very consistent, highly fertile female lines whose progeny have excelled at show and sale levels year after year. We utilise these top performing females in IVF, embryo & AI programs yearly. 

Our first offering at the Central Reds Sale was in 2019 where we sold the top price bull.  We have sold bulls at auction sales to $62,500 & young registered heifers to $13,000.

Mostyndale Stud 

Kevin & Lisa Woolcock
Springsure. Qld
Tel: 07 4984 1085 / 0428 841 085


Christmas Creek Stud 

Bradley & Kerryn Piggot 
Rolleston . Qld.
Tel: 07 4984 4590 / 0429 155 848 
email :

Christmas Creek Droughtmasters was established by Bradley and Kerryn Piggott in 1989 as a family owned operation in the foothills of the Carnarvon Ranges. "Christmas Creek" is located approximately 220km north of Roma and 200km south-east of Emerald 
Bradley and Kerryn have three adult children Jack, Chloe and Sophie who are all actively involved in the family property each with valued roles in the business. 

Christmas Creek is approx 20,000ha with 7,000ha of rough range country where the majority of our breeding herd are run on marginal forest country improved with vegetation management, pasture improvement and mineral supplementation all year round. With this hash environment as our breeding ground it is imperative for us to breed functional structurally sound cattle that handle tough conditions while still raising a healthy calf to weaning. 

Our line up of bulls this year are 90% polled or scurred with excellent temperament and well handled being mustered with dogs on horseback and bikes. This draft also displays length, a good bone structure, sound feet, great top lines and a strong ability to do well in the paddock. 

These bulls are healthy and ready to work with the relevant vet checks and all have passed crush side semen tests, vaccinations include 5 in 1, 3 day sickness, 3 germ blood, vibrio and will under-go pre sale tick treatment.

Wolfang Stud 

Greg & Donna Edwards
Wowan. Qld.
Tel: 0427 833 187
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The Edwards Family of Wolfang Droughtmasters is pleased once again to be involved with the Central Reds Droughtmaster Sale. 

Wolfang's main base of operation is located at the home property of “Cooeeall” near Wowan. The stud also extends out to the 
family owned properties of the newly purchased breeder block of "macintosh", "top well" via Clermont, and bull preparation and fattening block of "Ivanhoe". 

Since its establishment in 1998, the aim of Wolfang Droughtmasters has been not only to breed quality cattle suited to all aspects of thebeef industry but also to provide bulls which can be easily accessible and marketed to cattle producers. It is these goals which are responsible for our past success selling to both stud and commercials clients. Wolfang’s new home at “Cooeeall” has proven to be excellent country for breeding and fattening cattle as well as allowing easy access to selling facilities such as Rockhampton and now Emerald.

The Central Reds Sale in Emerald has also contributed to our goal, helping to establish and maintain that our bulls can be easily accessed and purchased by buyers. Emerald is ideally located for this sale, being the central point to many Central Queensland graziers. 

We sorely believe that the Droughtmaster breed has a very bright future ahead and we are honoured to be one of the founding members of the Central Reds Sale. With bull selection and preparation now underway, we look forward to the 2019 sale season.

Fernleigh Stud 

Cec & Elaine Pelling 
Theodore . Qld.
Tel: 07 4993 1118 / 0429 931 118 

Fernleigh Droughtmasters are bred from Fairhaven, Christmas Creek and Glenlands bloodlines. The bulls are prepared for sale on pasture legumes and bull rations. Our philosophy is not to present the heaviest bull, rather to provide a bull that a buyer will be able to put directly into use in a breeding herd. Our bulls are fed to present you with an article that is sound and genuine, when you take a Fernleigh bull home to your paddock, you won’t be disappointed in your purchase because there won’t be a dramatic loss of condition as a result of overfeeding. 

‘Fernleigh bulls conform to all expectations in terms of veterinary checks and required inoculations – 3 Day Vaccine, 3 Germ, Botulism, Pesti Virus, Vibrio and they are all morphology tested.’ When you purchase a Fernleigh Droughtmaster, what you see, is what you get and we take pride in our honesty and reliability as vendors. At the sale, data about the fertility, scrotum size and eye muscle area will be available for every bull. You be the judge - consider the quiet temperament, sound conformation and tidy sheaths of the bulls that Fernleigh has to offer.

Strathfield 9JE Stud 

Brodie & Josh Perry 
" Fletchers Awl" Clermont Qld 
Tel: 4983 5107 

First offering of bulls at the Central Reds Sale was in 2019.

Sale Contact: Greg Edwards 0427 833 187 

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